Mechanical Stamping Briquette Machine(Screw Conveyor)

This machine can make both biomass pellets and large biomass briquettes:

Mechanica Pellet Press Mechanical Briquette Press
Equipped with pelletizing mould
(Used to make pellets)
Equipped with briquetting mould
(Used to press briquettes)


Briquette Maker Machine Wood Shavings Briquette Maker Fuel Briquette Maker Fuel Briquette Maker

Model Output (kg/h) Main Engine Size (mm) Weight
Total Power (kw) Finished Fuel Rod’s Diameter (mm)
GC-MBP-500 500 3200*1500*1500 4000 35 φ50
GC-MBP-1000 1000 3400*2000*1800 7000 61.5 φ70/φ30/φ22/φ10/φ8

Production of Moulds with Different Pore Size

Mould (Pore Size) 8mm 10mm 22mm 30mm 70mm
Hole Number 61 37 7 4 1
capacity (kg)
(Material is sawdust with moisture15%)
950 kg 900 kg 820 kg 880 kg 1200 kg

Photos of Finished Pellets / Briquettes

8mm pellets 10mm pellets 22mm pellets
φ8mm Pellets / Sticks φ10mm Pellets / Sticks φ22mm Pellets / Sticks
Rice Husk Made Rod Cotton Straw Made Rod Sawdust Made Rod
φ70mm Briquettes (Rice Husk Made Rod) Cotton Straw Made Rod Sawdust Made Rod
Eucalyptus skin made rod    
Eucalyptus Skin Made Rod    

Fuel Briquette Maker


Briquette Maker Machine Materials
Various kinds of crop straw: cotton stalks, corn stalks, soybean straw, sorghum stalks, millet stalks, rice husks, peanut shells, etc.
Wood fiber materials: wood shavings, bagasse, pomace, pulp sludge, pasture, bark, bamboo shavings, sawdust, leather scraps, etc. All these above materials can be used to make fuel briquettes (fireplace fuel, boiler fuel, biomass power plant fuel, etc)

Fuel Briquetting Plant Parts

Basic Process of Biomass Briquetting:

Raw Material (moisture content below 10%) → Crushing → Feeding to fuel briquette maker (converter technique) → Briquetting or Molding → Packaging → Storage

For now, there are two main kinds of briquette maker machine: Abrasive disc extrusion briquette press and mechanical stamping briquette maker. Abrasive disc extrusion type can generally be divided into three kinds: Ring die design, flat plate design, and ring & flat die design. The diameter of briquettes produced by abrasive disc extrusion briquette maker is 30mm * 30mm, while the diameter of mechanical stamping briquette maker can reach 80mm.

Moreover, the shape of mechanical stamping briquettes is diverse, round, square, hexagonal, perforated and other customized shapes. AGICO GROUP is a professional fuel briquette machine manufacturer supplying wood shavings briquette maker, biomass crusher, drier machine, etc. Contact us if you want further information on our machines or our company.

Environmental Parameters of Final Briquettes:

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