Rotary Drum Dryer

Rotary Drum Type Flash Drier Machine for Moisture of 20-65%

Model GC-MXΦ0.6×5
Output Capacity(Kg/hour) 800-1000KG
Size of Input Material(Diameter) < 3mm & < 5mm
Temperature of Hot Air 180°C~250°C
Moisture of raw material 40%~70%
Consumption of Wood Waste 20-30 kg/h
Power 7.5 kw
Size of rotary Diameter 630mm *L 5200mm
Net/Gross Weight 2500/2600 kg
Installation Dimension(m) 14*1.2*4.2 m
Loading in container 1* 20’GP

Working Principles

This rotary drum type flash drier machine is generally composed of raw material feeding plate, rotary body, driving devices and supporting equipment. The materials are fed into the rotary cylinder from the feeding plate. During the drying process, the raw material is being scattered and the moisture in raw materials is evaporated to the air and discharged in to the air finally.


Application Fields

This dryer machine is manufactured for drying materials with moisture content 20-65%. It is featured with low energy consumption and high efficiency and it can reduce the moisture content of the raw material by 8-12%. Rotary Drum dryer can be applied to dry various biomass materials such as milled corn stalks, wheat straw, sawdust, rice husks, soybean straw, cotton stalks, sorghum stalks, ginkgo leaves and mulberry leaves, etc.

Rotary Drum dryer is generally applied to rice husk briquetting, integrate briquette plant and agricultural engineering industries. It is ideal auxiliary for large-scale rice husk briquette machine and biomass briquette plant.

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