GC-FSD Crusher


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Model No. GC-FSD400 GC-FSD600 GC-FSD800 GC-FSD1000
Cutting diameter (mm) 400 600 800 950
No. of cutting blades 4 4 6 4-6
Length of cutting blades(mm) 95 200 240 300
Feeding Diameter(mm)   150*150 200*230 250*300 400*500
Main shaft speed (r/min) 2600 2600 3500 2000
Power (kW) 11 15 30 45
Capacity(kg/h) 300-500 600-700 800-1200 1800-2000
Dimension (meter) 1.1*0.7*0.95 1.5*0.8*1.2 2.1*1.1*1.4 2.1*1.2*1.6
Weight (kg) 350 400 1000  


This mobile biomass crusher sets slicing and crushing as one. It can be used to crush twigs, branches, fibrous stalk (bamboo, grass, corn stalks, sorghum stalks) and other wooden materials which have a diameter under 20 cm.

Working principles:

GC-FSD biomass crusher adopts blades cutting and high-speed airflow impact technology. It is an integration of double crushing and screening. During the crushing, the rotor produces high-speed airflow. As the blade rotation, the material will be accelerated in the gas stream. Under repeated crushing, the crushing rate can be largely accelerated.

Due to its small size and high efficient, this crusher is an ideal choice for homemade briquette press. The color of the crusher can be changed if you want. We are a briquette press manufacturer and can offer a wide range of briquetting equipment and auxiliary equipment. Do hesitate to contact us for further information of this mobile crusher or other of our machines.

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