GC-FSC-D Hammer Mill

Model GC-FSC-D Hammer mill with Diesel Engine
(for wood chip / tree trimmings/ wheat straw  / plant stalk etc)
Capacity (kg/h) 500-700
Moisture of Feeding Material Moisture max 20- 25%
Size of Feeding Material Max. diameter 30mm
Max. length 300mm for wood materials
Final Size After Milling Ø5×5mm
Diesel Engine 22 HP


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GC-FSC-D wood hammer mill can be used for crushing wood chip, tree trimmings, wheat straw, plant stalk, corn straw and other materials with diameter less than 50 mm. The grind fineness of finished products can reach 3~5 mm.


Working Principle

GC-FSC-D wood hammer mill consists of feeding board, crushing chamber, the delivery device and other components. There is a rotor in the crushing chamber. The rotor is made up of rotor disc and moving hammer. Rotor, sieve and toothed plate are the core components of hammer mill. In the crushing process, the biomass raw materials are fed into the chamber of the mill from the feeding board. With repeated impact of high-speed rotating hammer and repeated friction and collision on the tooth board, gradually, the raw materials will be crushed until they are small enough to leak through the sieve. The dropped powder will be transformed to a storage bin by conveying fan. In the storage bin, the materials will be further separated. The powder is discharged from the bottom of bin while the air is discharged from the top.

Hammer- Mill Final Products

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