Mechanical Stamping Briquette Machine(Belt Conveyor)


Large Briquetting Press


Model Output (kg/h) Main Engine Size (mm) Weight
Total Power (kw) Finished Fuel Rod’s Diameter (mm)
GC-MBP-500 500 3200*1500*1500 4500 35 φ50
GC-MBP-1000 1000 3400*2000*1800 7000 61.5 φ70/φ30/φ22/φ10/φ8


This machine can make both biomass pellets and large biomass briquettes:

Industrial Large Briquette Press Machines Large Briquetting Press
Equipped with pelletizing mould
(Used to make pellets)
Equipped with briquetting mould
(Used to press briquettes)

Production of Moulds with Different Pore Size

Mould (Pore Size) 8mm 10mm 22mm 30mm 70mm
Hole Number 61 37 7 4 1
capacity (kg)
(Material is sawdust with moisture15%)
950 kg 900 kg 820 kg 880 kg 1200 kg

Photos of Finished Pellets / Briquettes

8mm pellets 10mm pellets 22mm pellets
φ8mm Pellets / Sticks φ10mm Pellets / Sticks φ22mm Pellets / Sticks
Rice Husk Made Rod Cotton Straw Made Rod Eucalyptus skin made rod
φ70mm Briquettes (Rice Husk Made Rod) Cotton Straw Made Rod Eucalyptus Skin Made Rod
Sawdust Made Rod    
Sawdust Made Rod    


Fuel Briquetting Plant Parts

Application Fields:

Suitable for various biomass materials including sawdust, straw, wheat straw, corn stalks, soybean straw, leaves, roughage and cotton stalks, shrubs, rice straw, rice husk, peanut shells, mushroom residue, dregs and other crops, or economic crops, forest products residues.

Briquette Maker Machine Materials

AGICO GROUP supplies both small briquetting presses for home use and large briquette machines for industrial production. Interested in purchasing large briquette machines? Contact us now! Our professional sales team is here to offer more details.

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