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Customer From the Philippines Interested In Elephant Grass Briquetting

Dear Sir,

We require a Briquette Equipment to process a minimum of 10mt per hour of Elephant Grass in the Philippines.
Elephant Grass is 80% moisture and usually 26% at harvest. Cutting and chipping can reduce moisture further.
Please advise what type of equipment we require as a total processing line for this material.
An alternative product would be to produce pellets instead of briquettes.
Your early reply would be appreciated.

--- From The Philippines

elephant grass

Elephant Grass

Hydraulic Biomass Briquette Equipment for Sale

elephant grass briquette equipment

Type Power(KW) Capacity(Kg/H) Dimension(mm) Weight(Kg)
GC-HBP 60 5.5 60 1470x1480x600 650
GC-HBP 125 7.5 125 1470×1480×700 1100
GC-HBP 250 11 250 1800x1600x2000 2800
GC-HBP 350 22 350 1800x1900x2100 3500
GC-HBP 500 37 500 2000x2000x2100 4200
GC-HBP 1000 55 1000 2700x2300x2100 6000

This Hydraulic Briquette Equipment can produce biomass briquettes in hexagon, round, octagon and various other shapes. The thickness of the briquettes is adjustable and briquettes with custom-made shape are also achievable. Moreover, we can design specific moulds for you so that your company logo can be graved in the briquettes if needed.

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