Their free consulting service on briquetting production was great! I am a newb on briquetting. They help me a lot at the start of my business and the machine is good so far. Thanks! A+ AGICO GROUP




I recently bought a small briquette maker for making newspaper briquettes from here. The price is ok for me and the quality is also pleasing. I and my family are now having fun making eco fuel briquettes together.




I bought a briquette plant from this manufacturer. I came visiting the company and their factory before the order. They give me really good advices on my briquetting plans. The plant is running well so far.

------Nina Laden



I like how the salesperson suggests different types of briquette maker to buy. Very helpful when deciding which to buy depending on different raw materials, especially for beginners. I bought one for briquetting rice husks and some other agricultural residues.




I can’t trust on the machine quality and performance when I first got their price sheet. The price is much lower than other suppliers I found. But after visiting their factory, I decided to order one complete briquetting line. Wish we cooperate happily!




I was clueless about briquette making process before I looking for a small briquette maker for home use. Now, the process is much more clear. The price is fine for me and the salesman is professional and quite patient. Thanks!

------J.D. Robb

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