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Peanut shell is one main byproduct of the peanut processing factories, the peanut shell could be used in many different fields, the peanut shell pellet products can be customized to be the nutritional feeds.


peanut shell peanut shell powder
Peanut Shell   Peanut Shell Powder

peanut shell pellet briquettes

Peanut Shell Pellet Briquettes

The peanut shell is one of the best feed making raw material sources in modern stock husbandry, if not used as feeds, it is also suitable to be made into pellet fuels for house fireplaces and industrial biomass stoves, according to the industrial application of peanut shell, 3 kilograms of residual oil could be produced out of 100 kilograms of peanut shell, the residual oil is a perfect matter for soap production, the byproducts are high value matters like alcohol, aldehyd and activated carbon, after certain chemical treatments, it could be used to make stick, high quality furniture and other wooden tools. 15 kg gum could be produced out of 50 peanut shells, it could be used in high quality plywood productions.

Mechanical Stamping Briquette Machine(Screw Conveyor)

peanut shell pellet equipments

Fuel Briquetting Plant Parts

AGICO is one peanut shell pellet equipment manufacturer in China(main land), if you want to know the capacity and other details of pellet equipment, post an email now!

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