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Hammer Mill Machine Parts

Hammer Mill Machine Parts



Model GC-FSC Hammer mill with Electric Motor
(for wood chip / tree trimmings/ wheat straw  / plant stalk etc)
Capacity (kg/h) 500-700
Moisture of Feeding Material Moisture max 20- 25%
Size of Feeding Material Max. diameter 30mm
Max. length 300mm for wood materials
Final Size After Milling Ø5×5mm
Gross/Net Weight 750/800kg
Motor 18.5kw
Overall Dimension (mm) 1700*1150*1200
Cyclone (2400*800*800)

Applications of Hammer Mill Machine:

GC-FSC hammer mill machine (hammer mill grinder) is widely used for grinding tree trimmings, wood chip, wheat straw, corn straw, plant stalk and other materials with diameter less than 50 mm. The grind fineness of final products can reach 3~5 mm.

Hammer- Mill Final Products

Wearing Parts: Blade, sieve.


Grease the bearings once a month. Grease twice and pay more attention to inspection if the grinder machine works continuously. After using period of time, re-adjust the tightness of the central belt with your fingers, press down 6-10mm is appropriate. It is better to clean the hammer mill machine every day after work to extend the service life. Check whether the parts are loose. For the details, there is maintenance manual for your reference.


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