The Expanding Tendency Of Producing Biomass Briquettes

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I want to join your exhibition and see once all types of product. If possible please mail me details.
I’m also one of the suppliers from Nepal to other country like Dubai, China, Malaysia etc.
From Nepal

Dear Sir
We are Palm Oil Mill Company. We do have palm kernel crushing plant and the resulting expeller cake need to be bricketted into cubes for export.
We are sourcing for machine which may cater for our need.
Thank you and regards

We are looking for machinery that can make a product out of our wood wastes.  We are equipped with a shredder / chipper but we need to make sawdust, and then briquettes, or sell the sawdust. Please treat as urgent.
From Malta

We are interested in starting producing briquette from rice husk. We have no experience on this and have a some questions you can help us with:
1. which capacity can we get to have production of commercial value.
2. What is the calorific value of rice husk briquette, compared to bagasse briquette?
3. can the rice briquette be used in boilers for tea leaves (tea producing companies use boilers that has been using firewood, but they are looking for alternative, can rice husk briquette work in their boilers)
4. Do you make the machine and install and train? What would be the cost of different capacities?
From Kenya

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