The Possibility Of Using Straw Briquette To Replace Coal

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Using straw briquette to replace coal for home cooking in rural areas means a lot in reducing the pollution and the consumption of the traditional fuels. Biomass straw briquette has the potential of improving the life quality of farmers; green house gases emission is also reduced. With the price of coal keep rising in the past few years, famers started to find the alternative fuel for coal product like coal briquette.

As the raw material, straws left in the fields after the harvest is featured with scatter; farmers are less likely to have the money to spend on the immature products. So 2 aspects of works need to be done-the production of high quality straw briquette and biomass stove equipments supply. The cost of making straw briquettes is very low, and it doesn't require very high technologies, to reduce the production cost, avoid long transportation of the straw is the key.   

Why not promote the straw briquette in cities? This is mainly due to the building types: Most people live in apartment, not houses, the storage and transport conditions are not suitable for biomass briquette fuel.

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