Seasoned Logs Vs Biomass Briquettes

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Do you know that buying seasoned logs can stimulate deforestation of the world and burning seasoned logs can contribute to global warming? In this article, we will introduce a green alternate fuel resource – wood briquettes produced by biomass briquette press machines.

Model GCBC- I
Output capacity kg/h 180-210
Motor Power (kw) 15
Electric heater (kw) 2.2kw*2
Life of the inner former 1-2years
Size of briquettes Dia.50mm*L.480mm
Size of inside hole Dia.16mm
Density of briquettes 1.3 g/cm3
Weight(kg) 700kg
Overall dimension(mm) 2700*600*1600 mm

Biomass briquettes are compressed from biomass materials such as wood chips, sawdust. In the chamber of briquette machine, the natural glue in the raw material will be melted under extreme heat. And the melted lignin will combine the material particles together. The final solid briquettes are a bit smaller than house bricks. If you are interested in buying biomass briquette presses, you are welcome to contact us!

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