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Dear Sir/Mme, we are interested in starting a new business with biomass briquettes and pellets, also because we already have a market. Our factory is 2000sqm on a land of 5000sqm, availability of bio mass is enormous as it's rural agriculture and wood products industry area. Please send me a proposal of your machines to produce good quality briquettes and pellets, thanks.   
---From Indonesia
Hi I am clearing bush and light trees and palm trees in west Africa, we are clearing 500,000 hectares of land , which has large bush. i am interested in using this bush and small trees into biomass
---From Africa
We wish to venture into commercial briquette manufacture, although we have no experience in this business.  Our motivation is to convert waste biomass into products that are environmentally friendly and affordable for the rural community.
How can you best advice us?
---From Kenya

Model Output (kg/h) Main Engine Size (mm) Weight
Total Power (kw) Finished Fuel Rod’s Diameter (mm)
GC-MBP-500 500 3200*1500*1500 4500 35 φ50
GC-MBP-1000 1000 3400*2000*1800 7000 61.5 φ70/φ30/φ22/φ10/φ8


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