Groundnut Shells Biomass Briquette Machines for Sale

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briquette machine

Type Description
Briquette press
Single tube
Capacity: 100-125 kg/h
Power: 7.5KW
Size: L1960 x W1880 x H1950mm
Weight: 1200kg
Briquette press
Single tube
Capacity: 200-250 kg/h
Power: 15 KW
Size: L1960 x W1880 x H1950mm
Briquette press
Double tube
Capacity: 400-500 kg/h
Power: 37 KW
Size: L2000 x W2000 x H2100mm
Weight: 4500kg
Briquette press
Double tube
Capacity: 800-1000 kg/h
Power:75 KW
Size: L2700 x W2200 x H2300mm
Weight: 6800kg

Interested In Biomass Log Briquette Machine
We have 2500 head of cows at our farm. We want to extract the liquid part of the cow dung as fertilizer and want to make logs/briquettes for fuel from the remaining biomass. We are looking for machinery for this process.
-- From Pakistan
Interested In Groundnut Shells Briquette Machine
I will like to also know if the briqeutte machines for sale can be pressed from groundnut shells. Please give me the price and estimated shipping charges to the Gambia. west Africa.
-- From Gambia
Interested In Biomass Briquette Machine
Ces briquettes sont utilisées je pense, comme conbustible. Auquel cas ,je souhaite avoir une documentation détaillée ainsi que le prix de la machine.
-- From Morocco
I am interested in the machines for the above mentioned raw materials. Kindly send me more information on the same and the workability of the equipment, the room size needed and all the other requirements as well.
Thank you.
-- From Uganda

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