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The fuel cost is a big concern and burden for a lot of families, especially for the families which lives in the places where the winter is long and extremely cold. Without a powerful heater, the frequency of people getting a cold or the flue is increased. When it comes to the olds and children, the chances are even higher. The illness can be treated and cured, but when the temperature is too low to maintain the basic human body system, people might freeze to death. 

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Everyday Waste Briquette Maker-Help Reduce Your Fuel Cost


In the past few years, the price of gas and electricity has been rising, but the economic situation is not always growing, more and more families couldn’t afford the expensive fuels, the biomass fuel is the possible solution but for most of the areas, biomass fuel industry is not well recognized and  developed, everyday waste briquette maker is build in the concept of making fuel briquette out of the everyday waste created in your life, if you still remember the Chinese descent girl named Cassandra Lin, she helped the local people to get together and collect the waste oil from the kitchen, processed it into bio-fuel, and offered it to the poor families for free, thus they would live a warmer winter, she was received by the current America president Obama for the achievement. The everyday waste briquette maker could also help the poor family in the same way, and the production doesn’t require much knowledge and skills, buy a briquette maker from AGICO to get the winter out of your house now!

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