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I am interested in the GCBC-I Renewable Briquette machine. Will be located in Southwest Kansas where there is a lot of wheat and close enough to Colorado to transport in sawdust. This will be a small business investment I wish to start on family farm.
-- From Southwest Kansas
Dear sir,
I would like to setup an briquette manufacturing plant.
Could you please send us your quotation for overall production plant having a capacity of producing 1ton per hour.
Awaiting for your reply.
--From Singapore

What other raw materials can be made as renewable briquette? we have a banana chips factory and we have a lot of burnt rice husks that we dispose everyday. How much is the machine? Thanks!
--From the Philippines
We're a small cabinet shop in NW Wisconsin (USA) that just installed a wood boiler to heat our 12,000 sq ft shop. We're currently burning our wood scrap and oak logs to heat. We're also producing about 3-4 semi loads of sawdust per year and we were wondering if it would be economical for us to briquette our sawdust so we can burn it in our boiler? We don't have a ton of money to spend and perhaps could use some education on the principles.
--From America

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