Biomass Fuel Briquette Presses For Garbage Power Plant

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The garbage of the cities has always been a problem for the cities, the old way-land fill method is the main method adopted in the city construction system, now with population boost, people begin to realize that this method is the unsustainable, it will cause pollution to the environment and large areas of land is needed, which is something very valuable now.

The garbage power plant is a great idea for the city development, this conception has been tried in some cities in China, while as this kind of project is still an field for us, the projects model might change as the time goes, but the basic idea has been set like this:

The biomass fuel briquette presses from AGICO are developed to process the biomass garbage into briquette fuels, which is more likely to be used in the garbage power plant as the fuel production. If you are interested, send a message now!

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