Basic Tips on Sawdust Briquetting Plant Investment

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How to Choose Raw Material-Sawdust

In the material processing stage of sawdust briquetting plant, fir sawdust should be the main resource, pine sawdust as the supplemented resource, and sawdust of other wood species also can be mixed and blended before the production, while the content should be less than 50%. Calorific value of the mixed wood sawdust is lower with high ash content, and this would make the fire go out easily while burning. Several key indicators briquette made by pure sawdust of other wood species are not easy to meet export standards.

The Yield of the Dryer Introduction

Normally dryer with the drying capacity of 2tons/hour can supply enough resource for 8 briquette making machines, in addition, the moisture of the raw material should be below 12%. The investment of the dryer would be reduced, which includes: drying process, labor force and space.

The Yield of the Sawdust Briquetting Plant

1k tons of sawdust consumption with 8 briquetting plants is a feasible plan, and it can be calculated this way: 1 briquetting machine’ yield 160/h*1.3kg=208kg*20h/day=4160kg*8 briquetting machine=33880kg*30day=1000kg/month. Briquette product of 1000 tons would consume at least 1100tons of sawdust. Each day the time of maintenance shutdown and replacement screw should be shortened to the least for the higher production.

Sawdsut Briquettes

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