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Complete Project of Biomass Briquette Plant

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Flowchart of the Biomass Briquette Press Technology:

Raw material→ Crusher → Drier → Biomass Briquette Machine → Packing Machine → Finished Product

biomass briquette machine plant


Crushing machine prepare suitable size raw material for biomass briquetting plant. The requested size for briquetting is 3-5mm.The choice on crushing machines depends on the types and sizes of raw materials.
Hammer mill is to crush small sized material with diameter no more than 50mm, such like tree branches, tree trimmings, wood chips, wood cuttings, cotton stalk, corn stalk, wheat straw etc. Blate type wood crusher is to crush wood logs with diameter less than 200mm to 3-5mm at any length.


Drying machine prepare suitable moisture raw material for biomass briquette press. Moisture of raw material is important for making good briquettes. The proper moisture of raw material should be 8-12%. The choice on dryer model depends on the original moisture content of raw materials.


Biomass Briquette Press makes the biomass material into briquettes. After the well preparation of raw materials, it is easy to operate and work at briquette press to produces high quality briquettes. DryerWhen machines rise to over 300 centigrade, the material can be fed continuously into briquetting press. First, the color of briquettes may be a little dark or even black, but after a while, the color will lighten to normal levels coming out of biomass briquette machine.


Pack final biomass briquettes for commercial reselling. They can be wrapped with a layer of plastic film. By thermal shrink wrapping machine, biomass briuqttes can be packed into a bundle.

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