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AGICO - Biomass Briquette Machine FAQ

Q: What kind of material is suitable for briquetting :
A.: Peanut-shell ?Rice husk ?sugar cane bagasse ?Saw dust ?Coffee Husk ?Paddy Straw ?Sunflower Stalk ?Reeds ?Cotton plant Stem ?Tobacco waste ?Mustard Stalk ?Jute waste ?Bamboo Dust ?Tea waste ?Wheat Straw ?Palm husk ?Soybeans husk ?Forestry wastes ?Wood Chips and many other Agro wastes.

Q. What is the suitable size for briquetting?
A.: The size of material should be no larger than 5*5mm

Q. What is the suitable moisture for briquetting?
A.: The suitable moisture is in the range of 8-13%

Q. What is the final use of the briquettes?
The final briquettes can be fuel for cooking, warming house ,as fuel for boiler and as fuel for BBQ,etc.

Q. How many kgs of waste needed to form 01 kg of briquettes?
A.: For moisture content 8-12% material, 1.2kg of waste can form 1kg briquette

Q. How many Kcal we can get when burning 01 kg of briquettes?
A.: 4500-6000kcl/ kg

Q. Daily capacity of wood briquettes? (How many kgs of briquettes can be produced per day?)
A.: Different model of briquette machine have different capacity. For example 11kw briquette machine, the output of wood briquettes is 1000-1200kg /8 hours (one shift)

Q. Any sub materials/paste we need to add in during the briquetting process?
A.: No, our machine can produce clean briquette without using additives or binders.

Q. Can we make the briquette machine in single phase?
A.: we can't make the machine with single phase motor now.

Q. Which briquette lengths can be stopped
A.: usually the length of briquettes breaks at 450mm, , minimum briquette length is 200mm, no limit for the maximum length .

Q. What’s the min & max capacity of the machine?
A.: The minimum capacity is 2T, while the max capacity is 30T/H.

Q. What kind of material can be used to be pressed by this roller press?
A.:It’s mainly used in the briquettes making of various material, such as
Color and black metallic mine powder:
Iron scale
Iron sludge
Precipitator dust
Iron concentrate
Raw material powder
Manganese ore fines
Silicomanganese alloy. Etc.
Coal powder
Coke powder
Slime peat
Middle coal
Lignite etc.
Other material:
Charcoal powder, fireproof material, Desulfurization gypsum, Dolomite etc.
Anyway, briquetting is the only one way to change the powdery material into briquettes which is suitable for transporting, in the meantime, this way also saves energy.

Q. What size of the raw material is required?
A.:The material had better be smaller than 3mm.

Q. What moisture is required? 
A.:The moisture had better be of smaller than 10%.

Q. What’s the electricity suitation of the machine?
A.:Usually it is 380v, 50hz, 3phase. If you need the special motor, pls kindly let us know in advance.

Q. Have you exported machines to other countries?
A.:Yes, we have exported to many a lot of countries. such as Romania, Bulgaria, Poland,Turkey, Hungary, Sweden, Georgia, Tanzania, Indonesia, Vietname, etc.