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Briquette Charcoal Machine

Variety of the charcoal

The first kind is low temperature charcoal, burning temperature is under 500℃. Loose texture, low carbon content and low Mechanical intensity. It feels light when pick it up with hand.It mainly used in agriculture and industry, such as Si Lian, heating and hot-pot, etc. The price is between 1600-1800Yuan/T(factory price).

The second kind is medium temperature charcoal,burning temperature is under 700℃.the texture is tighter than low temperature charcoal,the carbon content is a little higher than the former.It feels heavy when pick it up with hand.It mainly used for barbecue and for copper ,heating and hot-pot in the agriculture and industry.The price is between 2000-3000Yuan/T(factory price)

The last kind is high temperature high quality charcoal,burning temperature is between 1100-1300℃,it is made from high temperature furnace. The texture is hard real,it feels heavy when piak it up with hand, can sink in the water,volume is small and appearance is smooth and clean, no visible rift, when hitting it sounds like steel. Its high in carbon content,low in Volatile and ash, no flame when burning, 3 times of resistance to burning compared to low temperature charcoal,2 times to medium temperature charcoal. It can be used in all kinds of condition need charcoal especially for high degree barbecue and export, its price is between 2500-3000Yuan/T(factory price)

Common Glossary of charcoal industry

1, Moisture content of the charcoal
Take the undryed charcoal as a sample,weigh it and put it into the oven which preheated between 105-110℃ and heat until the moisture content of the charcoal complete evaporation from inside out, and weigh again,repeat several times until the weight of the sample comes to stable. The moisture if the charcoal is the ratio of lost weight(moisture content) and the original weight of the charcoal. The moisture content of the first grade export charcoal is between 8-10%.

2, The Volatile of the charcoal
The gas come out from the charcoal when burning under high temperature is Volatile such as CO,CO2,H,CH4 and other Hydrocarbons. We usually use Percentage content to describe the quantity of volatile.It means: weigh the undryed sample, then heat it with high temperature(950±20℃) and make the volatiles decomposition escape absolutely, the ratio of the lost weight and the weight of the charcoal sample is the volatile content of the charcoal. If expel the moisture content,the remaining is the volatile content of the dry charcoal.

3, ash of the charcoal
The charcoal after burned absolutely in the air,the remaining dust called ash.Genarally, we use the ash content to value the quality of the charcoal. It means: put the charcoal sample in the pyrolysis furnace and heat under the temperature 900-1000℃,and import oxygen or air and make the charcoal completely burned, the ratio of the weight of the remained dust and the charcoal sample is the ash content of the charcoal.The ash content of the first grade charcoal is between 2.5-4%.

4, Fixed carbon content
Through Laboratory Methods, minus the tested moisture content,ash and volatile from the total weight of the charcoal, the ratio of the difference and the weight of the charcoal sample is the fixed carbon content. The value of the percentage of the fixed carbon content rise when the temperature of refining the charcoal rise,and the carbon content of the charcoal is about 80%.

The heat of the charcoal means the heat when the charcoal burned absolutely. Its value depends on the carbonization temperature,when the temperature of carbonization is high,the relative carbon content is high and the heat is high,generally, the heat of charcoal is about 7000kcal/kg, but the heat of high temperature charcoal is about 7500-8500kcal/kg.